Saturday, July 17, 2010

Feeling Badly Good

So once again I'm here to say not a lot of art has been done and I may try to do some today if I have time.
I've been busy with what may turn out to be full-time work for the moment and if it were any other weekend I'd use it for art, but Sunday I'm working some more and today, well, I should be getting my new computer.
This new computer is a lot better than the 6-year old groaner I have at the moment. It will make my Adobe Suite work a whole lot better and a whole lot faster, wooh. So I'll probably spend a lot of today setting that up and installing things etc.
Didn't get a lot of sleep last night, which was partly my fault, partly my computers but basically I woke up feeling terrible (not just because of lack of sleep, I also have a sick feeling...possibly linked with work since it's not the cleanest place to work at).
However, my ickiness has been out done by something I find really cool. On the London Underground Website there is now a page with the catalogue set up. I designed every single one of those pages (except the text). It's exciting to see my work on the internet and on a professional website.
Anyway, that's all for now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I know I haven't posted anything lately. Here's an update:

-I've given up on the last painting because it was frustrating me and it was only experimental anyway

-I have been busy with 'London Underground' stuff. The company's website for those interested in shoes:

-I've been slowly working on torso studies, so I haven't been completely art-idle

-Finding a job has taken priority over art for the time being, but will change once I have a source of income

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tree Creature Painting - Part 2

I've removed the black outline and have begun to blend the creature's body in a more subtle way. I don't think it looks terrible but it's not good ha. I've got to finish this because I have a bad habit of not finishing things (but it won't get done tonight).

Here are a bunch of small random sketches I did today to get more practise and flow with my tablet...should do this more often as I can already see improvement from my handling before.

Tree Creature Painting - Part 1

So I did start to paint it. It's obviously not finished, that's why it looks shit (not that it'll look GREAT on finishing). So far I've blocked in colours and started more work on the head/face.

And so... begins.
Final exam was yesterday so even though I still want to learn languages, my focus will now be on getting a job and improving my art skills as much as possible before I hopefully get into my course next year. Off to a terrible start having wasted most of today, but I guess I'll forgive myself for the breather. Tomorrow I'm going down to Geelong to stay with friends so wont get much art (or anything) done then either.
Anyway here is a crappy sketch I did today in photoshop. Any form of anatomy is terrible and I really need to learn more control with my tablet...I feel like such a noob these days and that I don't know enough to be even good so gotta put in some hard work when I can. I might attempt to paint this image today...might not lol.