Sunday, October 3, 2010

W.I.P. - Protective Mother

Havn't decided how I'm proceeding with 'Le Ninja de l'Avenir' but already have an idea for another piece. I've reawakened my old love of dinosaurs. However I'm not too familiar with their anatomy (hence the bad sketches lol). I'm actually thinking of moving away from dinosaurs a bit and perhaps creating a more exciting creature with dinosaur features...we'll see.


Composition for the piece:

Anatomy studies from

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  1. I find it more useful when studying anatomy to study the shapes and how they join, more than the specifics of how things join. You seemed to start doing that in the last one with the Para. It'll help you learn to draw whatever it is naturally.

    The t-rex facing forward is awesome. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Keep it up!